Wilson's Storm Petrel and Whale Oil Bubble


Wilson's Storm Petrel and Whale Oil Bubble

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Painted by me during my time spent living in the Antarctic.  The Wilson's Storm Petrel is a tiny bird with a huge habitat, stretching from Southern Oregon all the way to the Antarctic, but you may never have seen one unless you've been out on the ocean.  They habitually "dance" on the water, dabbling their feet to stir up tiny creatures feeding near the top of the water.  Because it looks like they're dancing, they are called "Bailarines" in South America (ballerinas); sailors called them "Jesus Birds" because it looks like they're walking on water.  I saw them feeding on whale grease and oil bubbles left in the wake of whale blows while I was out in a tiny rubber raft on the Southern Sea in the Antarctic. 

Here's what you're getting:

100% archival quality giclée print made for me by a local PDX color and printing wizard.  Really nice, heavy, paper and we color-check everything against the original paintings. 

Shipped flat via priority mail.

3 sizes available - 9x12, 10x14, and 12x16, or contact me and I may be able to make you a custom size.  Unframed.

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