Fund raising for Trans Lifeline

For the week of Feb. 26 through March 3, all proceeds from sales of this print will be donated to the Trans Lifeline.  Type TRANS in when you order to get a $12.00 discount in shipping and handling, too, because you're a nice person.

Why a cicada?  Well, this isn't any old cicada.  The Periodic Cicada has a mysterious life cycle in which ALL of them spend either 17 or 13 years underground in their juvenile form, and then at an unknown signal, they emerge all at once and take on their adult forms.  This seemed like a pretty apt metaphor for the lives of all the trans people I've known. 

When the Republicans decided to discriminate against trans kids recently, I decided to do what I can to help the Trans Lifeline.  So, for this week, I will be donating every bit of the proceeds for sales of this print to the Trans Lifeline. 

(If you're wondering, it's called "Magiccicada" because that really is part of the latin name for this species.)

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